Knowledge Through Storytelling

At Media in Medicine, we bring visual media, the arts and medicine together to create, research and teach through storytelling.

Based at Ohio University, faculty and students from the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Scripps College of Communication partner to produce a variety of Media in Medicine Initiatives.

Learning Tools for Medical Students

For medical students, Media in Medicine offers an innovative approach to learn and hone interdisciplinary competencies that can be used for health-related research projects. On the educational side, video is a powerful and accessible medium that can increase understanding of patient subcultures by showing patients as a whole in mind, body and spirit.

An Innovative Approach for Research and Patient Care

Doctors and researchers can use approaches, methods and partnerships with visual communication professionals and artists to show the connections between experiences specific to patient groups and their overall health. Increasing awareness about patient groups will ultimately help medical students and doctors provide more effective care.

Opportunities for Students in Media, Communication and the Arts

Media in Medicine helps students and professionals engage with meaningful and sustaining opportunities for science and health-related communications, media making and artistic practice.  This expands opportunities for students by getting them to think about interdisciplinary collaborations and careers.

You can contact us at mediainmedicine@gmail.com or reach out to any member of the team via email or social media.


Above all the Media in Medicine team believes in integrity, accuracy, inclusion and mutual respect for a diverse range of ideas.  That being said the views and opinions expressed in any Media in Medicine initiative are our own or those of our collaborators, partners or guests, and do not necessarily represent those of the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Scripps College of Communication or Ohio University.